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Lake Cities Municipal Utility Authority is holding an election to get your input on how to fund growing capacity, infrastructure, and maintenance needs.

A Board Workshop Session will be held on April 27, 2016, 7 pm, at Lake Dallas ISD Central Services Building, located at 104 Swisher Rd, Lake Dallas.


At its January 11, 2016 Board Meeting, the LCMUA Board ordered an election to be held in Denton County, Texas on May 7, 2016 for the purpose of seeking approval for collection of ad valorem taxes (property taxes) for maintenance and operations purposes. LCMUA is granted taxing powers through its enabling legislation, and actually had a property tax until 1994. The Board called the election to get voter opinion on using property taxes as another means to fund the necessary operational costs of the utility in addition to water and sewer rates.

“Our mission is to produce and distribute safe, high quality water for domestic and commercial uses as well as provide fire protection, all at the most economical cost to our customers.

Your vote in this election will tell me and the other Board members if you want some of the needed revenues to come from property taxes or if you’d prefer to rely on rates paid on monthly water bills.”
– Cecil Carter, LCMUA Board President

Proposition 1:

Authorize the Board of Directors of Lake Cities Municipal Utility Authority to levy, assess, and collect annual ad valorem taxes on Taxable Property within the Authority in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas for the continued maintenance and operation of the Authority’s water and sewer systems.

Lake Cities Municipal Utility Authority is dedicated to being a vital part of the community, keeping up with technology, keeping staff well trained, meeting all state and federal requirements, along with providing its customers with excellent water and wastewater services.

Presentation of LCMUA Strategic Financial Plan

Frequently Asked Questions About the Election

Please find an informational flyer regarding LCMUA’s May Elections here.

LCMUA Notice of Election May 7, 2016

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For more information on voting, please visit the Denton County Elections Administration website.

LCMUA Sample Ballot